Optigard Flex Liquid 236ml


Breaking the boundaries of common pest control.

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Optigard® Flex Liquid insecticide goes beyond exterior walls. Because pests go beyond exterior walls. The product’s unique, non- repellent chemistry, low use rates, and versatile application methods allow efficient, effective control of pests both indoors and out. Since Optigard Flex is labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, it cuts down on the number of products you need to control an infestation. It’s even versatile enough to be applied as a liquid perimeter spray, spot spray, foam treatment, or crack-and-crevice application—setting a new standard for general pest control.


Optigard Flex uses the same active ingredient as the popular Optigard® Ant Gel Bait. Thiamethoxam, the active ingredient in Optigard Flex, is a proprietary non-repellent insecticide that offers both contact and ingestion activity against a wide range of economically important pests.

Because the product is non-repellent, nuisance pests won’t avoid it. Plus, the unique chemistry permits active ingredient to be readily transferred throughout social insect populations for better control. Recent tests at the University of Georgia have demonstrated that thiamethoxam transfers from exposed ants to unexposed ants as well as fipronil and significantly better than chlorfenapyr. During testing, a cohort of Argentine ants was exposed to a lethal dose of each insecticide. The dead ants were placed in a colony not previously exposed to the insecticide and secondary kill of recipient ants was determined.


This high-performance insecticide is ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. It allows pest management professionals to make more targeted applications, use less active ingredient, and have lower environmental impact. With Optigard Flex, application timing is not limited for commercial or residential accounts. That means you have the flexibility to apply when it’s needed—where it’s needed. Plus, by using a backpack or handheld sprayer, you can leave behind higher-cost power sprayers and improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing treatment results.


The easy-to-use, water-based, 21.6% suspension concentrate formulation readily disperses in water, has no odor, and is compatible with commonly used application equipment. It’s flexible for use with liquid applicators, foam applicators, direct-injection systems, and in-wall, fixed-tube delivery systems. And, because it can be applied inside and out, it’s the only product you need to provide a complete treatment.