INDICATIONS LARVADEX® is a premix is ​​administered via food, which acts regulating the growth and development of fly larvae in the manure of poultry, thereby controlling the population growth of flies on the farm.

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COMPOSITION LARVADEX® 10 TK, containing technical Cyromazina 100 g per kilogram of concentrated product. CHARACTERISTICS Cyromazina, LARVADEX® the active ingredient is an insect growth regulator belonging to the group of Triazine derivatives. The Cyromazina interfere with chitin synthesis, structural component of the insect. Untreated larvae move to the next stage, interrupting the life cycle of the fly. 1st instar larvae are much more susceptible to the active ingredient and 3cer 2nd instar. The molecule has a high specificity for fly larvae and its population was drastically reduced after two weeks of the 1st Larvadex including in food. It does not affect the fertility of layers, and the production and quality of eggs. No harmful effects on beneficial insects and predators of flies.


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