Icon 2.5 EC


Icon is a broad-spectrum insecticide for use against flying (flies & mosquitoes) and crawling (cockroaches) insects. It is extremely effective against all species of mosquitoes including Aedes aegypti which is a vector of dengue fever.

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Product Highlights
◉ Successfully evaluated and endorsed by the World Health Organization
Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) for mosquito control
◉ Highly effective against other household insect pests
◉ Minimal adverse effects on the environment
◉ Adequately persistent on treated surfaces to perform well as residual
insecticide and yet quickly degraded in the environment
◉ Presents no hazard to the spray operators
◉ Low odor
◉ Leaves minimum deposit on treated surfaces without staining
◉ Simple application with easily maintained spray equipment
◉ Non-corrosive, with minimal wear on spraying equipment
◉ Treatment easily supervised


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