Cyperpro 6EC | Cypermethrin | General Pest Control – 1 Liter


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A professional choice and a quick-knockdown pesticide in controlling any crawling and flying insect pest.

CYPERPRO 6EC (Cypermethrin 6%) Synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for effective control of adult mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, cockroaches and flies by thermal fogging, ULV misting and residual spray.


Fill the tank with water or diesel and then slowly add required amount of CyperPro 60 EC with simultaneous stirring.

Target Pest Dose Rate Application Method
Adult Mosquito

(Thermal Fogging)

20-40 ml/L diesel Thermal FoggingApply at 10 L solution/ha
Adult Mosquito (ULV Cold Fog) 20-30 ml/L water ULV Misting MachineApply at 10 L solution/ha
Mosquito Larvae (Spray) 4 ml/ L water Hand sprayerApply in all open water bearing containers and breeding sites at 100 ml solution/sq.m.
Housefly 20-40 ml/L water Hand sprayerApply at 40 ml solution/sq.m.
Cockroaches 10-15 ml/L water Hand sprayerApply at 40 ml solution/sq.m.