Biflex 2.5 EC


iflex 2.5 EC is effective at low concentrations – Independent that have shown the Biflex 2.5 EC stops termites. We’d have to use at least ten to twenty times as much of some other termiticides to match the stopping power of Biflex 2.5 EC . That’s a powerful advantage we know you’ll want.

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Biflex 2.5 EC keeps protecting longer – We want your home to have long-lasting protection, and Biflex 2.5 EC delivers it. In CSIRO field trials in Australia as well as other global trials, Biflex 2.5 EC has provided outstanding termite control, compared to competitive products. Professional use of the product has been similarly successful.

Biflex 2.5 EC won’t hang around in your home – Its active ingredient has very low volatility. That means you’re not exposed to airborne residues after treatment and Biflex 2.5 EC has very low odour compared to other products. You want termite protection to be as environmentally responsible as it is effective, and we agree. That’s another reason we have chosen Biflex 2.5 EC as the best option. Finally, Biflex 2.5 EC can be safely used to create termite barriers around vegetables and fruit trees because of its non-systemic features.Biflex Termiticide Insecticide: