Product Specification:
▶ Product Code.: P-FN M (FONY M)
▶ Type: Thermal Aerosol Fog
▶ Starting Method: Manual with battery
▶ Power Supply: 1.5 V x Disposable battery
▶ Dimensions (W×L×H): 230×830×340(㎜)
▶ Weight: 6 ㎏
▶ Gasoline Tank Capacity: 1.2 liter
▶ Gasoline Consumption: 1.2 liter / hr
▶ Solution Tank Capacity: 2.7 liter
▶ Solution Output: 30 liter / hr
▶ Solution Tank Material: PE 5T
▶ Cooling Type: Double Cooling

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Feature Simple Operation & Quick Start: Easy and it is really light machine which you can use without shoulder belt. And we are using very small q’ty of parts. Durability: This machine doesn‘t put many parts. We made it as simple parts. So it cannot be easily broken down or out of order. Running by Disposable battery : The machine is using the disposable battery to start. So wherever you go no need to recharge and you can use everywhere. Little Heat: Designed by the cooling method with two air-intake valves that are connected to the fuel ignition part of the machine. The machine will NOT be getting hot and you can use it more safely. Good Maintenance: Very simple to assembly and disassembly. And easy to check the problems because the fuel lines are transparent. Very light and small machine and high efficiency against Small fogger.