Agenda 25 EC


  • Effectively controls all types of termites and colonies.
  • Relatively short control time.
  • Providing protection in the long term.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • No smell.
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Agenda 25 EC is the latest class of thermicides to control termites on building land and sawn timber. Agenda 25 EC is a non-repellent that works quickly to suppress and control termite colonies (colony elimination) in a short time. Termites often cause harm, but many of us don’t realize it. Not only does it damage the part of the house made of wood, termites can penetrate the house through very small cracks of 1/3 mm, even allegedly can knock down houses and buildings. Agenda 25 EC in a unique way of working provides termite control solutions with different advantages compared to other termiticides:

Instructions for Using Agenda 25 EC: For Building Land targeting subterranean termites Coptotermes curvignathus, the concentration of the formulation is 12-24 ml / L. Application method: Pre and Post construction treatment on the ground using a solution of 5 liters per square meter or linear meter. For sawnwood targeting dry wood termites Cryptotermes cynocephalus, the concentration of formulation is 1-2 ml / L. Application method: Evenly spread on the wood surface. Can also be immersed or mixed with paint, pelitur, or tinner.